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How to Maximize Your Design Budget Before a Home Sale

When homeowners are looking to remodel a home to sell it down the road, the place to spend the money is in living areas, bathrooms, and closets.

My newest interior design and remodel project in Plano, Texas, is a master class on how to maximize a design budget for big returns when you are ready to sell your home. In this glow-up, it's all about going glam!

The homeowners are from Europe, they raised their children in their current Plano home, but want to relocate back to Europe in the next five years. They lived in their home for 20 years and hated the color the entire time. That hurts my heart, y'all. You should love the home you are in!

They wanted to invest to get the current house and make it more marketable but still have time to enjoy it. They hired the right team to make that happen! You won't believe these before-and-after photos.


The house was stuck in another era with popcorn ceilings, a painted red brick fireplace, yellow walls, damaged flooring, and tired cabinetry. We gave them the glow-up of a lifetime.


We took that sad, old fireplace from an unused eye-sore to a wow-worthy moment. The hearth was removed and we refaced the brick with a sleek porcelain tile from Floor & Decor. We changed the fireplace to an electric fireplace that not only is beautiful and color-changing but also provides heat at the click of a button.

Buyers love finding new, low-maintenance components in a home on the market, like an electric fireplace that offers beauty and function. It's one of many kinds of improvements that make things easy to clean and maintain, too.

The damaged engineered wood floors were replaced with a durable and waterproof LVT, which will hold up to the demands of a busy family and pets.

The wood paneling and popcorn were removed from the living room, and the walls were painted a fresh gray; we used the Sherwin-Williams shade Down Pour to create pops of color on the beams and throughout the house.

But really, let's talk about the belle of this ball, the bathroom remodel! I just love the new vessel sinks with their unique shape and fabulous faucets.


We removed the low soffits and brought them to the ceiling. The new vanity area we upgraded with a floating vanity, sculptural tile from Floor & Decor, and fabulous backlit asymmetrical LED mirrors.

For additional storage, we inset matching cabinets into the wall and added another set of cabinets in the newly enclosed toilet area.

Did you know? More than 25 percent of Realtors recommend upgrading the bathroom before placing a home on the market. This is a remodel that can bring in the bucks, come selling time.


They formerly had a Jack-and-Jill set up with two vanities and two small closets. We removed the second vanity area and wall and converted it into a large walk-in closet instead. It is now an organizational dream with a system from IKEA.

The shower they had was small, cave-like, and leaking. They had a large soaking tub that was unused and we converted it into a luxurious shower, instead.

We continued that beautiful sculptural tile from the vanity area and continued it in the shower, changing the orientation to horizontal. We added not just one, but three shampoo niches, with a fabulous iridescent tile in the back. For the shower floor, we added another hexagon tile, all from Floor & Decor. What a stunning combination.


While the end result shines like a diamond, getting there isn't glamorous. In fact, it's usually a disaster zone for a while. #worthit

We walled up the former entrance into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom to create additional storage for the closet. In that space, we then added an electric tower warmer. Who doesn't want toasty towels after a shower?

We took that beautiful Sherwin-Williams hue, Down Pour, and used it on the bathroom and bedroom ceilings. Blue on the ceilings? Yes, please. It's a feast for the eyes and one that you won't expect! For lighting, we used rattan lighting fixtures to add warmth to the space.

The primary bedroom had that crazy texture removed from the walls and we brought it to a smooth finish, finished with gray and more of that yummy blue.

For a touch of glitz and glamour, I added several of my unique art pieces throughout. These beauties marry the flow of acrylic flow paint with the shine of crushed glass, glitter, and broken mirror. I just love the way the light plays on them.


Talk about a difference in vibes! With thoughtful touches, like new recessed lights and a rustic wood pendant, the room now is cool and serene.

I want you to meet someone who is a big help on my projects – and is an awesome human, Bryce Smith. He is also the Dallas Rug Guy and hooked us up with beautiful Moroccan rugs from Esmaili Rugs. I love the bold design and colors.

The unused space they had in the hallway we converted into a fresh area to be used as a coffee bar and wine nook. I'm imagining this will be the party hang out!

Big impact doesn't have a cost a lot of money. Smart design choices can make all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for checking back on our Plano Glow-up Project!

We have several remodels in the works that you don't want to miss out on. Check back soon to see all that is new and great!

Much love,


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