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First Look: An Elegant, Engaging Prestonwood Bungalow

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Multiple Projects for the Same Homeowners Feel Like an Adventure

This home refresh was unique and quirky, just like my client!

Each project feels like a new voyage, full of surprising new turns or pitfalls along the way. Products being out of stock, a pandemic, a contractor gone rogue...signal the troops!... I'm their leader, I got this...deep breath.

My job is to navigate all the gators in the water. I'm not only designing a pretty room but also making the waters as smooth for the homeowners as possible. That's a big advantage of working with a full-service design firm like Terri Becker Designs. Turnkey projects are where I excel. That means designing the project, procuring products, hiring and managing crews, overseeing the construction process, furniture procurement, and final project finish out – handling all the alligators. It's a lot to deal with, let's be real! But so worth it in the end.

Let me tell you about a recent project that I made that happen in the North Dallas neighborhood of Prestonwood. This home has an open concept so making different zones was important for the space to have functionality and purpose. Those spaces need to play well together and have common elements to create cohesiveness.

This amazing client (and her dog Shadow) are two of my favorites. This is our third project together and by the time I've worked with a client this much, we've developed such a trust and bond that we've probably had wine together. I love that.

Those past projects were designing and building a gorgeous bathroom, as well as remodeling the bedroom and kitchen for their home on Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, Texas. What a peaceful retreat that was! I loved the serene environment, the lake views, and the warm earth tones we used throughout the house.

My client and her late husband enjoyed their time lakeside before his passing, but such a large house proved difficult for her to manage alone. When she was ready to move closer to family and doctors, she bought an older home in North Dallas.

The home was older and needed all the electric wiring upgraded. An investor must have bought this home and put in minimal upgrades, some of the previous upgrades were done poorly. We had some repairs to do!

All of the walls and cabinets were antiseptic white. We made those old drywall repairs disappear with sanding and then painted everything a warmer white that is welcoming and smooth. She wanted bright and cheery, but not blinding.

For some visual punch, we decided to make a focal point of the "speakeasy" at the far end of the room from the entry. This space is nicely situated on one side of the two-sided fireplace. We went with a navy blue wall to accent the warm tones of the beautiful hardwood floors.

We also used that same navy for the island in the kitchen to balance the room and add visual interest to the area.

My client had some incredible pieces of furniture that we had reupholstered. We chose a tailored blue look with fabrics that were not only priced beautifully but also perform beautifully. They also stand up to wear and tear from pets and grandchildren.

For rugs, we wanted to make the dining room a moment, but play nicely with the living room, so we went to see the rug guru Bryce Smith at RenCollection in the Dallas Design District. The designs we chose are a yummy mix of contemporary styles to add visual interest to the space.

To accent the dining space, we added a gallery wall of curated art for the homeowner. With a few pieces, we upgraded frames to add a more cohesive look to the collection. I enjoyed hearing how each one was acquired in my client's journey of life. I love that the gallery wall is a snapshot of her time and travels.

Being closer to family means more quality time together with group gatherings and grandkids. We designed with that in mind. Near the beautiful bay windows, we added a space to read and do homework for the kids and family.

The living room has space for a large tv and storage space to display some treasures acquired over the years. The much-loved leather lounge chair plays nicely with the re-upholstered pieces.

The unique art pieces and treasures the homeowner had collected over the years made the space feel curated and well-loved.

Interior design is all about making your home a reflection of you and an oasis that feels like a retreat from the stresses of life. I love that this home refresh is just that for my client.

Thank you for stopping by and please stop by again soon for updates on our Savannah full-home refresh and renovations on a massage school. You won't want to miss these transformations!

Much love,


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