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"Casa Azul" Airbnb Austin Project

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

One of my newest projects,"Casa Azul," is a wrap! I had such a fun time designing and installing this adorable Airbnb in Austin, Texas.

The best part was getting it all done with my daughter Kora – she's an awesome design assistant (and funny, organized, and great at keeping her momma in check, to boot). She and my client's daughter CJ got along like peas and carrots and created some cool succulent art for the space.

This Airbnb project is a build-out above a garage, a converted apartment space that my clients wanted to turn into an Airbnb. They reached out for design assistance and I created a turn-key experience for them, down to sourcing the plates and towels.

I worked with a small budget for this project and shopped and designed like a magician. The whole project came together in under two weeks so working locally in Central Texas with in-stock items was absolutely a necessity.


One of the challenges I needed to address was the presence of a washer and dryer in the main room. Not the most aesthetically pleasing design situation, but I found a wonderful solution. At a Dallas consignment shop, I discovered a beautiful Moroccan piece that hides them so stylishly! Y'all, check out this transformation!


The amazingly talented Amy Steinberg commissioned three art pieces for the space that turned out even better than I dreamed. I love the vibe and feel of the pieces and I think they captured the energy of the space. I placed the original inspiration piece in the bedroom and paired the two additional pieces in the dining area under the hanging succulent arrangement. Thank you Amy!

The bedroom's design challenges included some unsightly wall plugs that I wanted to hide and a large armoire used as a closet. I decided to use some fabulous shimmery panels for a backdrop to the new bold blue bed – and to hide the plugs. Then I positioned the armoire at the end of the room to maximize the layout and flow in the bedroom. I found a cool zebra bust that I added for a bit of fun and whimsy. I think we need a name for this handsome fellow?! Ozzy?

I love the bold colors and fun pillows and textiles we used for the bedding. The vibe of the room is cozy and romantic. The space is functional, complete with charging USB lights on the nightstands.

The bathroom had great bones already with the limestone tile. It just needed a few minor touches of décor and additional storage in the form of a towel basket.

Thank you for reading this blog post and sharing my enthusiasm about this colorful and fun garage apartment transformation in Austin. Stay tuned for photos from a backyard refresh, too!

This space will be ready to rent soon on Airbnb; I will post the details once it is so you can check out this little oasis on your next Central Texas visit. You won't want to miss it.

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