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5 Tips To De-Stress Your Home

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I know these are challenging times for us all. I thought it would be a good time to share some tips and tricks on how to de-stress your space and turn your home into a zen zone you love and can enjoy. But, first thing is first, you have to turn that TV off. Limit the amount of negative content you consume per day. Don't focus on the crazy – this too shall pass! Let's fill that time creating good things from it like making time with family peaceful, too.

1. Re-imagine your space and make the most of what you have

I always say, "You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a fabulous home." You just have to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to maximize your space. It's all about making smart design choices but making ones that make sense together collectively in creating the story you are trying to tell. So ask yourself, what story do I want to tell? That feeling is what you follow.

Stuck on inspiration? My go to is always Pinterest. If ever I am needing inspiration or an image of what I have in my head, I go there. I have a lot of boards – please look me up and follow! Make a board for yourself and title it with the project you are wanting and you can pull all of your ideas together in a comprehensive way. Is there a theme? Go bold! Be brave!

Look around and evaluate what things you love in your home and which ones you really don't. Set aside those you don't for donation to a charity. Or maybe there is something you love that just needs an upgrade or a coat of paint. This is the time for projects! You can learn something new, like a paint technique to update those dated night stands or how to reupholster a chair. What about how to make a succulent arrangement? See the video at the bottom for a stop-by-step – it's so fun and easy!

Kids are at home and are in need of science projects, so this is a great time to get that garden started. Seeds can be purchased online, so let's take advantage of all that rain we have gotten recently. I love digging in the dirt with my kiddo, I'm sure we will have this patio singing in no time.

Let that inspire some cleaner living and cooking options together! Are these homeschooling home economics of 2020? I see the win/win here! I will do some fun cooking videos in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

2. Deep clean and de-clutter

There is no better time than this time to get up and move and get those projects finally completed. My friend is turning her garage into a man cave for her husband and that has motivated all kinds of energy and items knocked off her honey do list quickly. They also have another area of their home to relax in and spent time together as a family.

Getting rid of items that you no longer need is so therapeutic. There are so many charities that will come and pick it up – all you have to do is put it on your porch the morning of pick-up and they email you a receipt you can use as a tax write-off. Done and done!

Get the kids involved. Have them go through their clothes and make a bag of clothes they no longer like or that don't fit. Donate all that and bless someone who is in need. Encourage kids to see this time as a makeover for their rooms, as well. Encourage them to make some artwork for their rooms. This will help them get excited about making their space cool and hang-out worthy. If they are bummed and bored, they need our inspiration and encouragement right now. Let's get those rooms clean!

Another much needed de-cluttering is within ourselves, This is an ideal time to take up meditation. There are so many free online guided meditation videos on YouTube! This has been a glorious addition to my life this year.

3. Add some soothing scents

Diffusers and candles and incense, oh my!

Soothing scents automatically create a more relaxed environment. I love aromatherapy oils and have recently started using diffusers. I have one in every room at this point! I put one in my daughters room and gave her a little set of oils. It has been nice to see her creative combinations.

If you are having trouble sleeping and relaxing, there are essential oil blends that can help. Lemongrass has been one of my favorites lately. I also like to combine oils to see what kind of scents I can create.

Candles are a great way to change the mood of a room, as well. Check out Ross, Burlington, and TJ Max for discounted high-end candles. I buy a few each time and I put them in a closet; they make great gifts and I burn them as needed. Crane Flower by Voluspa is my favorite candle of all time.

Incense is really great as well. I have a whole drawer and it's kind of nuts. My friend came over the other day and saw my drawer and laughed at me. I'm's cool, I'm okay with it. Incense makes me happy!

4. Music soothes the soul

The beauty of having so much technology handy is that having music on is convenient. I bought an Echo dot recently and have enjoyed being able to make the magic happen with a few words. I like to play meditational music while I am working; it helps to limit the distractions for me and stay focused. When I am in the kitchen cooking, I have some Govi or Desert Dwellers on (check them out, you will thank me!).

On my smart TV, Amazon has music lists that are easy to play, too. Set the tunes for the mood you are looking for. Keep it light or pump it up with some sassy salsa tunes.

5. Get creative

Doing something with your hands is nice way to keep your mind busy and focused on something positive. In this video, not only do I give tips to de-stress your home, I also show you how to make a faux succulent terrarium (sorry for the crazy hair in advance, desperate times and all LOL).

That's why I love and enjoy DIY projects so much. They are about being creative and re-imagining an item into something cool and useful. As a Dallas interior designer, it's important to me to have my creative stamp on a space. A little touch of something from me, by me. The succulents we make in the video are for my outdoor remodel I am working on and so close to finishing.

So, friends, let me know what kind of projects you are working on and let's make the most of this time together! I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me. Please stop by again soon to see what else what have cookin'.

Much love,


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