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Getting to Know US!

Hi there! I am so happy you are here! I would love to introduce me and my happy little clan.

My name is Terri Becker, a passionate designer of all things! At least, that is how I feel in my lil' Texas heart.

I am an interior designer and the proud owner of Terri Becker Designs, a boutique Dallas design and remodeling firm. I specialize in residential and commercial transformations around DFW. I have tackled big home transformations, as well as lots of media rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedroom remodels where the before-and-afters are breathtaking!

Design is my passion, and it is always on my mind. I spent 20 years in the corporate world prior to starting my design business. I could not be happier with the career change! Loving what you do is a blessed placed of bliss – it really is.

My daughter Kora, aka "Rockstar," is 10 years old and my design-assistant-in-training. We love to craft, make art, spend time in nature, and be silly together. She's a hoot! I plan to incorporate her perspective for some kid DIY crafts that are fun.

I am an entrepreneur, and a spicy, somewhat hippy, dog-loving single momma. I am also an artist and a student of life, in constant pursuit of learning more.

I personally enjoy unconventional DIY challenges, like saving items from the trash and making them glorious again. I also love cooking and entertaining, and fashion and music. In future blogs, I plan to touch on all these areas. I also will give you fun videos, how to posts, and lots of design inspiration.

Some sassy succulent arrangements, coming up!

My ultimate goal is to bring you along with me on projects, let you see everything it takes to make these large-scale remodels happen. I bring in amazing industry partners to help me execute the concepts and make them a reality, so you will meet them, too.

I will break down and give information on products so you can learn along the way. I enjoy collaborating with artists of all kinds, so I plan to bring a ton of art your way, be warned! WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME ART! Lots of fabulous art. Yesssss!

Kora and I were beyond happy to add Lucky to our clan this year. He is one cool dude and quite the character. Operation Kindness is a local no-kill shelter that brought us together, and we are so thankful. Rescue animals are really the best. It's like they know you saved their lives, but really, who is saving who? What a sweet boy he is.

I love interior projects but also adore exterior projects. I am finishing up my first major outdoor remodel and super excited to get some fabulous photos on this site. What a labor of love this project it turned out to be – my favorite to date!

I will be highlighting projects along the way and talking about the design process and pitfalls of renovations. Because in reality, there always are some! Queue the laughter...and the tears.

So please stay tuned, follow often, and let’s enjoy this crazy ride. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.

I am not your momma's designer and things are going to get interesting!

Much love,


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